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Elevate your Modded Minecraft

Journey with GDLauncher Your All-In-One Minecraft Modded Launcher
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Your All-In-One Minecraft Modded Launcher
What makes GDLauncher so special
Modpack Integration feature Modpack Integration

Seamlessly integrates with a wide range of modpacks from popular platforms like CurseForge and Modrinth, ensuring you have access to the latest and greatest ones with minimal effort.

Mods Manager feature Mods Manager

Our Mods Manager offers an intuitive interface for managing your mods. Easily install, update, and remove or disable and inspect mods with a single click, making it easier than ever to customize your Minecraft experience.

Java Manager feature Java Manager

GDLauncher now has the most advanced Java Manager out there. Use our automatic java management system that takes care of everything for you, or take advantage of our advanced settings to customize your Java installation.

Profile Import & Export feature Instances Import & Export

Easily backup, transfer, and share your instances. Our Instance Import & Export feature allows you to import from a variety of other launchers, and export your instances to the most popular formats.

Advanced Logs Manager feature Advanced Logs Manager (Coming soon)

Troubleshoot issues like a pro with our Advanced Logs Manager. Gain insights into your game's performance and mod behavior to quickly resolve any conflicts or errors.

Modload Support feature Modload Support

Enjoy full support for the latest modloaders, including Forge, Neoforge, Quilt and Fabric. Our launcher automatically handles the installation and updates, letting you focus on playing, not configuring.

Modpack Autoupdater feature Modpack Autoupdater

Stay up-to-date with the latest versions of your favorite modpacks. Our Modpack Autoupdater keeps everything current, ensuring you have the best possible gaming experience without the hassle.

Custom Themes feature Custom Themes (Coming soon)

Personalize your launcher with custom themes. Choose from a variety of themes or create your own to make your launcher truly yours. Enjoy a unique interface that reflects your style.

gdlauncher x curseforge
GDLauncher x CurseForge GDLauncher: A new journey - App rewrite, new partnership and more