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Meet the Team

Here below you can meet our wonderful team working on making GDLauncher great!


Years in the Making

The progression of the GDLauncher and its predecessors

  • 2014
    Davide started experimenting with writing a C# launcher
  • 2015
    Davide rewrote the launcher (still in C#) but with some better designs
  • 2016
    Yet another C# rewrite
  • 2018
    First Electron rewrite (Gianmarco joined development here)
  • 2019
    The GDLauncher takes on a new and modern design features Curseforge integrations, massive UI changes, and one-of-a-kind features.
  • 2022
    GDLauncher Carbon Rewrite

The Team

Meet our comprehensive team of designers, coders, and gamers.

Davide | Founder - 25

The one and only Davide.


Gianmarco | Co-Founder - 22

Our Front-end Engineer and Magic Designer.


Valentin | Co-Founder - 20

Ex co-founder of modrinth


Sasha | Dog





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