Welcome to the GDLauncher Documentation

What is GDLauncher?

GDLauncher is a custom Minecraft launcher that provides additional functionalities over the official Minecraft launcher, enabling users, among other things, to install and manage multiple instances of the game, each with its own set of mods and resource packs. You can find the full list of features below.

Getting Started

This section will guide you through the initial steps required to set up and start using GDLauncher


  • Easily install any minecraft version and modloader, including forge, fabric, quilt, neoforge
  • Install addons from CurseForge, Modrinth and more!
  • Install modpacks from CurseForge, Modrinth and more!
  • Automatic Java Manager. You don't need to have java installed on your system, the launcher will take care of installing the correct java version for you!
  • Built-in auto updater
  • Multi account support
  • Still playing on your grandma's pc from the 80s? Don't worry, we got you covered with Potato PC Mode!
  • Import/export instances from/to other launchers like Curseforge, MultiMC, ATLauncher, Technic, Prism, Modrinth, FTB and more! (WIP)