GDLauncher vs GDLauncher Carbon

GDLauncher Carbon is a new version of GDLauncher, built from the ground up with a new design and new features.

Why is a new version being made?

There are many reasons why a new version is being made. You can read most of them here.

What’s new?

GDLauncher Carbon has been rewritten from the ground up in a more efficient and reliable tech stack, using electron with solidJS for the frontend, and all the heavy lifting is done by a separate binary written in Rust (Core Module).

As part of the rewrite, we also fully redesigned the UI and UX to make it more user-friendly and modern, while still trying to keep the same look and feel as the old version.

We have already reached and surpassed feature-parity with the old versions, and we are now working on polishing the experience and adding new features.

Some of the new features include:

What will happen to the old version?

The old version will still be available for download, but it will no longer be maintained.

Due to the very high number of game-breaking bugs recently reported, we recommend you to switch to GDLauncher Carbon as soon as possible.