Migration from legacy GDLauncher

If you’re still using the GDLauncher Legacy, the migration to GDLauncher Carbon is simple. Here’s how you can do it.

Download GDLauncher Carbon

You can download GDLauncher Carbon from our official website.

Install / Replace GDLauncher Carbon

Once you’ve downloaded the new version, you can install it by following the installation instructions for your operating system here. Installing GDLauncher Carbon will replace the old version as they share the same exact app id. By installing GDLauncher Carbon you will not lose any of your old instances, as they are stored in a different folder.

Auto Import your old instance

After running GDLauncher Carbon and logging in, you’ll be welcomed with an onboarding modal that will ask you if you want to import your old instances.

Manually Import your old instance

If for any reason the auto import doesn’t work, you should first of all report the issue to us here. You can manually import your old instances by doing the following:

Deleting old instances (optional)

After you’re done importing, you can optionally delete your old instances. This will not be done automatically.